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What is the Just LOVE Movement all about?

The Just LOVE Movement is about; no longer making the choice to have our experience of life and LOVE, as one of being perpetually afraid. This is not to say that we will no longer fear, as fear has it place in the experience, it is useful tool and should be experienced as just that, a useful tool, not the foundation for our individual being or the collective we are now describing as human “civilization”.

The Just LOVE Movement is about; having the ideal experience of LOVE we seek and is within the power of our choice to have. This means embracing the abundance that life is, over the scarcity we manifest, cherishing the treasure of peace with one another, more than we relish the profits of war where we sacrifice on its fields, as if on blood alters, the precious lives of our young sons and daughters and lastly, but most importantly holding as sacred all other life on Earth that is in our care, rather than squandering and hoarding it, as if it were created for us alone – embracing our innate oneness and eternal connection to all that is.

So in summation; whether you believe the power of LOVE or not the Just LOVE Movement, is about overcoming our irrational and illogical fear of the unknown, so that we may bring to end our survival in tortured misery and begin living again in the happiness of our bliss, whose source is every new moment of life.

just LOVE…

The Just LOVE Movement was conceived by Kip Baldwin. His writings and insights focus on the power of LOVE and the simple fact that we humans need to just LOVE and to be loved.

His concept of this movement is to unite groups, organizations, individuals and humanity itself in the absolute power of just LOVE. Thereby, helping to change the foundation humanity operates upon from the ages old one of fear that has eon after eon led us only to failure, to one of LOVE which will allow for our species to prosper, by being a part of all that is creation, instead of apart from; thus transforming humanity, to servants rather than opponents of life’s process.

Focusing our intentions on anything other at this point Kip believes, “Is only rearranging deck chairs on the Titanic and will only lead to yet another civilization sinking. Only this time for perhaps the last time, as the stakes have never been so weighted to our ultimate demise as they are now.”

Love isn’t just a way, it is the only way!

     Kip’s description can be found on his Facebook Community, Just Love…
The answer to Life, the universe and everything is really this simple… just LOVE!
Spread it, let it infect, heal and make whole us all!
Join Kip and share all your thoughts, dreams, pictures, songs, videos about anything that is JUST LOVE on this OUR new community page for the JUST LOVE MOVEMENT!


We seek ultimate answers to questions like…

Life, the universe and everything?

What are we?

Who are we?

Why are we?

How are we?

I think there is one simple answer to all these questions and all others and that answer is… JUST LOVE!

Just; describes not only the amount of Love (which is without measure, because Love is all there is) but also the intention to experience the loving all there is.

Having said that, LOVE is not so much an answer, as a path, a way to be, as we journey on through eternity; embracing the ever unknowable that is Infinity…

Love; describes the perfection that all that is, IS.

What are we?

Who are we?

Why are we?

How are we?

What should I be?

How can there be absolute happiness?

How can there be absolute peace?

How can there be absolute freedom?

What is soul?

What is Infinity?

Who is this God fella anyway?

What is Love?


So the answer to Life, the universe and everything is really this simple… JUST LOVE!

JUST LOVE… Kip Baldwin

So Join me… won’t you?

7 thoughts on “Just Love Home”

  1. I like your thought of just love. But this love
    You are writing about is a kind if love
    That people believe they already have.
    True agape love comes from God. Yes God
    Is Love. God so Loved that He gave His
    Only Son, that whosoever believe in Him
    Should not perish but have eternal life. John 3:16
    Bible. In order to agape love you must have
    The Spirit of God. John 3:3 you must be born
    Again. You must be born of the Spirit of
    God. The only way is to read Jesus words.
    Read the books of John, first, second, &
    third John in the Bible. In True Love

    1. I think if you understand me to writing about the love of just one, the love of man, then you understand not the love I speak of. For I speak of a love that is infinite, unconditional the love that is God and I do not need a book confabulated by man to know that love. God is you, me, we, Infinity! just LOVE…

      PS. You may actually want to listen to the interviews on the site, they will help you to understand my understandings

        1. I wanna share some nice experiences with all JUST LOVE audience.By birth I was a very pampered child and very much loved by my teachers also in School.Being from a small town when I shifted to a big city for higher education..some psychological factors came as obstacles in my way like low self esteem,lack of self confidence.which made me a negative thinker and I use to fret every time I was not treated well by anyone in School or home.After my Father’s death the condition worsened.I was put on heavy medicines too but life was all end was just existing but not truly living.luckily destiny brought me in link of this page of Just Love the title attracted me .I thought why not befriend it and spend some time learning something good instead of fretting on useless thoughts and ruining myself………..I had never thought Just Love Guests and talk shows will bring such a turning point in life.Today I move in Society with my chin higher and I’m blessed with a good job were I’m recognized myself as a Positive thinker,self confident and hardworking teacher.Thank You Just Love for making my life beautiful once again and giving me hope to live more n more happily each day!God bless the entire team and mentor!amen!.

  2. I Neha Bhatla is a regular follower of Just Love on fb page and regular reader of fb pages by Mr Kip Baldwin and feel highly gracious to share that bEfore I got into link I was a pessimist and a coward person always stressed up but JUST LOVE POSTS ITSELF and counsellings have made me into a totally transformed “ME”!an optimist,boldself confident and self Independent girl!THANKS JUST LOVE AND MR KIP BALDWIN .GOD’S ESPECIAL BLESSINGS AND GRACE……KEEP HEALING WITH YOUR GENTLENESS ANDGRAC.MAY UR VOICE REACH TO ALL THOSE IN NEED…………GREAT JOB SHOULD GO ON AND ON FOR CENTURIES TO COME…………………………..THANKS,REGARDS

  3. i have a similar concept I call “lean toward love” where in any situation I can just lean toward love and know i am making the right choice toward my full potential… just love what ur doing here, thanks!

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